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To Book your Place please complete the form below – rates inclusive VAT – alternatively feel free to contact us on (011) 262 2082 between the hours of 09:00 – 16:00 on week days , or email us at info@urbantree.co.za:


Our Terms

Capacity is limited and Timings are limited as per Restrictions and Curfew, as these are lifted we will endeavour to increase our capacity as well as extend our hours.

We generally sell places at our Events on a MIXED GROUP Basis, i.e. you get to share the Event with other Groups, you may enquire, if your group is large enough, about booking the entire Event on an EXCLUSIVE GROUP Basis – with slightly higher exclusive pricing and stricter exclusive terms of course.

Bookings & Confirmations

Bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis, however we want to help you secure your date and place soonest, so you can get things going like inviting all those wonderful guests.

Bookings can be confirmed as follows :

  • for MIXED Group Bookings –
    1. a signed booking agreement + 25% deposit payment confirms your date and place,
    2. the balance 75% payment is required 14 days prior to the event date to finalise everything.
  • for EXCLUSIVE Group Bookings –
    1. a signed booking agreement + 25% deposit payment confirms your date and place,
    2. the balance 75% payment is required 30 days prior to the event date to finalise everything.

Cancellation & Postponement Policy

We know that not everything goes according to plan and sometimes life intervenes, so should you, the Organiser/Host, wish Cancel this booking for the Event date(s) –

  1. More than 6 months (180) days prior to the Event Date, then we shall reimburse you the full deposit amount ;
  2. Between 3 months (90) days and 6 months (180) days of the Event date, then we shall retain 50% (fifty percent) of the deposit amount as a cancellation fee; and
  3. Within 3 months (90) days of the Event date, then we shall retain 100% (one hundred percent) of the deposit amount as a cancellation fee.

Postponements, any booking may be postponed to an alternate date up to 60 days from the originally booked date – not within the last 14 days of Doors Opening of your booked date for MIXED GROUP event bookings; i.e. sharing with other groups and not within 30 days of the Event Date for EXCLUSIVE GROUP event bookings, i.e. when one Host/Organiser has booked the whole venue exclusively – then we will be able to move your booking to an alternate date up to 60 days away – so please be sure when you intend to secure your place and booking, and or allow yourself enough time to effect a postponement of your booking to an alternate date if need be.

All Bookings affected by Government regulations/restrictions will automatically allow you to postpone to a date range of 60 days after such regulation/restriction having elapsed or been withdrawn – you will never lose your money, we will always make a plan with regards Government Restrictions.

Standard Bookings Close as follows : (If not Sold Out already)

  1. UrbanJAZZ’s New Bookings Close 48 hours prior to the Event Start Time (Friday midday prior) – we will if Capacity Allows be able to Add Extra tickets/people to an existing booking at the Door at R895 per person via Credit Card upon entry on the Day to accommodate resources and logistics on such short notice.

UrbanTREE is indemnified of all risks and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage not attributable directly to UrbanTREE, its management or its staff and suppliers directly

Parking : Ample off-street parking is available around the Venue in the surrounding suburb and in the Park/Field below which the guests may make use of at your own risk of course, Venue supplied Car and Gate Marshalls will assist where possible.

No Firearms & Weapons, Narcotics, Hubbly Bubblies, Cigars, Chewing Gum, Animals, own Beverages, Streamers, Confetti Canons and Sparklers will not allowed to be brought onto the property any such Items will be confiscated. Smoking of Cigarettes and e-Cigs only in designated spaces.

Right of Admission : UrbanTREE™ reserves the right of admission of all persons using the Venue and, in particular, the right, in its sole and absolute discretion to remove any persons it deems to be causing any disturbances or acting in an unsociable manner, so lets play nicely please and lets have a good time.

Safety  & Evacuation : For the safety of all of us, the areas of the passages, fire escapes, staircases, stairwells, evacuation routes, loading bays and parking areas must be kept clear at all times for our evacuation if it ever came to that, it is required that each of us as individuals to be responsible to make this happen. Please familiarise yourself and your guests with the clearly sign posted evacuation routes as well as locations of  extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire blankets and the likes if you should need them.

Organisers/Hosts for Group Bookings to arrange that each guest bring their own mask and hand sanitizer and any additional PPE that they so desire, as well as manage and keep their own contact list of all their guests/group handy – all of which UrbanTREE will not provide nor manage.

Organisers/Hosts may arrive 2 hours earlier than their guests arrival for all the Day events (10am on the Friday and 11am on the Saturday/Sunday) for our short briefing, handover of accreditation and reserving of your table(s) (on a first-come-first-served basis) as well as to do any preparations they might require.

Preferences for Indoor or Outdoor cannot be guaranteed, we will provide our best efforts to situate your group as best we can.


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